Dacia - for sale

Dacia van de Hondshoeve


FOR SALE!!! Dacia van de Hondshoeve (Pier 448 x Fetse 349) a 2 year old, IMPORTED, FULL-papered mare. This girl is nearly 16 hands as a 2 year old - I’m expecting her to be close to 17 hands at maturity. Such a sweet girl! Sporting a new body clip, so will be black again soon. Dacia is up to date on her immunizations.  See her in person at Ohio’s Equine Affaire in Columbus, April 11-14!!! 

Dacia's sire, Pier 448, is an impressive stallion, typical for his breed, with good proportions and a rectangular model. The stallion exudes quality simply by the way he moves. Pier walks, trots and canters with plenty of scope, power and regularity. He places his hind legs well underneath his body in all three paces and demonstrates excellent balance as well as self-carriage.   Asking $17,500

Dacia Video

Dacia Video

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