About Us


Our story

There once was a little girl who loved horses...the story starts very similar for many people, doesn't it?  I came from a non-horsey family, but horses were in my blood from a very early age.  My horse dream came true at the age of 9 when my parents purchased my first horse, Her-She, a grade quarter horse mare.  She was a green horse, but I learned so much from that mare!  She dumped me more times than I can remember, but she made me a great rider!  

After high school, I had a break from showing while Her-She enjoyed retirement in my parents' back yard and I went on to pursue a business career and complete my undergraduate and graduate degrees (why I'm so analytical when is comes to breeding friesian horses - careful analysis plus nature's magic).  After college, I met my hubby, Nathan, who could tell I dreamed of horses once again...and dreamed especially of friesian horses!  After our third baby girl came along, I was ready to make that dream a reality!  Nathan is an overly supportive husband and worked tirelessly designing our future horse barn.  Groundbreaking of our facility began in 2011 and we haven't looked back.  Nathan has caught the horse bug as well, along with our 3 girls, so it's a family affaire.  

I do all of our own training and breeding, but strive to continuously learn from the best in the industry.  Our family operation treats our horses like family and enjoys sharing our horses with the public.  We strive to breed, show, and train THE BEST friesian horses for those with discriminating taste.  Let us help you import, breed, or purchase your very own world champion.

~ Erin Miley, owner