Our horses


Godiva , 2002 Model Mare

Tsjerk 328 x Oege 267

This mare.... Like Cher and Madonna she only needs one name to introduce herself (LOL)....GODIVA!!!!  One of THE TOP legendary friesian mares.... MODEL mare at the young age of 5 and MULTI world champion....  I pinch myself every day for the blessings in my barn, but this one is extra special!   She is one of our EXCLUSIVE mares in our breeding barn.


Hinke van de Badwei, 2002 Model Sport Mare

Fetse 349 x Hearke 254 

Hinke is in imported model AND sport mare, a title shared by only 6 other mares in all of North America.  Model is the highest predicate a Friesian mare can obtain.  She is one of our select mares in our boutique-style breeding program and her first foal while in our program is a two-time 1e premie filly and youth keuring champion (Zavanna Hinke M.F.F.).  Her 2017 filly by Bene was also a 1e Grand Champion!  Another filly in 2019 - a Fridse 423!


Rinse fan Meren-State, 2005 Ster Gelding

Rindert 406 x Leffert 306

Rinse...what can we say about Rinse?  He's one amazing show horse!  He excels in fine harness, show driving, in hand, tandem riding, and saddleseat.  This boy has MANY MANY world and national titles (I'm guessing 30+ now, but I need to verify!).  In 2013 during our first year campaigning him in the IFSHA circuit, he was crowned the high point for all friesians, as well as high point driving.  Many times USEF national finalist.  He has a huge heart and gives it his all every ride and drive!


Bearend ("Bernie"), 2008 Ster Gelding

Teade 392 x Jelte 365

Bernie has achieved many world and nationals titles in carriage pleasure driving, country pleasure driving, and his favorite class western pleasure.  He has received a world championship in western for three years straight.  Bernie is a solid boy and is used as our go-to gelding for parades, demos, and he even packs little kids with great care.  

2016 USEF Reserve National Champion 


Tessa van de Zuiderwaard, 1998 1e Ster Mare

Tamme 276 x Oege 267 

Tessa is the queen of Miley Friesians and our foundation brood mare.  Tessa was imported from the NL and during her show career here in the US achieved many world titles in saddleseat.  She is a special mare and has had 3/3 keuring champion colts while in our breeding program.  Her 2018 was 1e Grand Champion at the keuring.  After her 2019 foal she will be retired in luxury here at Miley Friesians.


Hugo, 2010 Ster Gelding

Norbert 444 x Time 398

Before import, Hugo achieved the elite "ster stallion" status.  During his show career, he has obtained many regional and world titles.  He excels in many areas including: pairs driving, sidesaddle, costumes, parades/demos,   tandem riding, hunt seat, and singles driving.  He is our "go to" boy when we need a solid performance - he has a fantastic mind and does it all.  He has performed at Rolex, Equine Affaire, Breyerfest, and many other venues.

2016 USEF Reserve National Champion


Kyra van Dream Gait, 2012 Ster Mare

Lolke 371 x Lute 304

Kyra is a ster mare and was our first foal purchased as Miley Friesians!  We liked her so well we wanted more, and the birth of Miley Friesians began!  She has stellar bloodlines, including model*model pref prest*ster pref.  Kyra's maternal 1/2 sister won the 2018 Central Mare Show here in America.  Her 2018 Fridse filly was Reserve Grand Champion at the keuring!  Currently bred to Norbert 444 for a 2020 foal.


Dream Gait's Daenerys ("Dani"), 2013 Baroque Pinto

Bizkit x Godiva (KFPS model mare)

Dani is a baroque pinto mare out of a model friesian mare with a splash of dutch warmblood from her sire for color (she is 93% friesian).  Her dam and sire are amazing, so she is destined for greatness!  Dani is a multi world champion under saddle, in hand, and driving!  She will be bred in 2019 for a Baroque Pinto baby!


Zavanna Hinke M.F.F., 2015 1e filly and now STER mare!

Tsjalle 454 x Fetse 349

Zavanna is one to watch!  She is undefeated in the keuring arena, obtaining TWO 1st premies (weanling and yearling).  In 2016 she was the keuring youth champion of the day.  She has inherited so many qualities of her model sport mother, Hinke, and we see so much promise in this girl!  In 2018, Zavanna made STER!!


Bugatti M.F.F., 2016 STER Gelding

Julius 486 x Tamme 276

Bugatti won Champion Gelding and made STER at the 2019 keuring.  He also won a WORLD Championship Jr gelding title at IFSHA Nationals!  Watch for this boy in the show ring!!


Elegantie van Tessa M.F.F.


Julius 486 x Tamme 276

Our first filly after a string of colts out of our matriarch mare, Tessa.  "Ellie" is one fancy, refined filly and we can't wait to see what she does in the show ring!  She received a 2e at the Ohio keuring!


Dianora Hinke M.F.F.


Bene 476 x Fetse 349

Dianora, "Nora," received 1e and GRAND Champion at the 2017 Ohio keuring.  This correct, stunning filly is out of our model sport mare, Hinke.  The judges loved her confirmation, development, and movement!


Wytske fan D'oever

2015 Uldrik 457 x Wikke 404 mare

This girl has the fairy tale look - tons of hair and a stallion like presence.  Looking forward to her producing fancy foals!  Currently bred to Norbert 444 for a 2020 foal.


Gerbrig fan 'e Tjongersicht, "Bri" 2010 P. Kroon mare

2010 Jesse 423 x Monte 378

A lovely P. KROON mare by Jesse 435!  This girl is special!  Bri has been confirmed pregnant with Tsjalle 454 for a 2020 foal!


Tjitske, 2014 1e Ster mare

2014 Alwin 469 x Nanno 372 1e Ster mare

In 2018, Tjitske was reserve champion of the mares at our keuring and made FIRST premie ster!!!  The dutch judges awarded her with an 8 for her walk and a whooping 8.5 for her trot!!!  Her first foal, Joplin, by Norbert 444 was champion at the 2019 keuring.


Greetje van Tessa M.F.F.

2018 Hessel 480 x Tamme 276 filly

One of our fabulous home bred fillies out of our 1e ster mare, the legendary Tessa van de Zuiderwaard!!  Greetja was FIRST premie, Grand Champion filly at our keuring!!!


Kobain M.F.F., 2019 Colt

2019 Tjaarda 483 x Tamme 276

Kobain won CHAMPION colt at the 2019 Ohio Keuring!!!  This boy is FANCY!


Joplin van Tjitske M.F.F., 2019 Filly

2019 Norbert 444 x Alwin  469

Joplin was the 2019 CHAMPION filly at the Ohio keuring!  Joplin is out of our 1e star mare, Tjitske.  She is as sweet as they come!!!


Leona Hinke M.F.F., 2019 Filly

2019 Fridse 423 x Fetse 349

Leona is one fancy filly!!  She is out of our model sport mare, Hinke.